Chez Dikel in Silver Spring

Sometimes living in the suburbs can feel a step or two behind. A lot of the cool food stuff goes on downtown and is hard to keep up with. Phenoms like cute cupcake bakeries and twittering food trucks need downtown crowds and cool to build their trend cred.

Those food trucks are the latest food phenom and in cities across the country, from LA to Boston, have customers racing out of office buildings for a 3 oclock cupcake. Washington will have its own food truck muster on November 6, and I am so there! But in the meantime, a little bit of downtown cool has come to Silver Spring with the Chez Dikel food truck at the corner of Georgia Avenue and Colesville Road.

parking lot lunch

The home-cooked West African dishes include peppery Chicken Yassa, Merguez lamb sausage sandwich, and fruity ginger water that will kill any hovering cold bugs.

The Malian couple who run it have been getting repeat customers, and I plan to go through the brief but intriguing menu.


one dish down, four to go

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