Chris Kimball’s Fannie Farmer Throwdown

Christopher Kimball, of Cooks Illustrated and America’s Test Kitchen spoke tonight at the Friendhsip Heights Village Center about his latest book, Fannie’s Last Supper, in which he attempts (and succeeds, after more than two years and with the help of plenty of Test Kitchen staff) to recreate a 12 course Victorian Meal.

In a quick talk he recounted the trials of finding and cooking calves heads (for the mock turtle soup, of course), the challenges of tending a cast iron, wood burning stove, and deciding on the guest list (which included Washington, D.C.-based chef, Jose Andres, who fell truly, deeply, and madly in love with the ice sculpture mermaid–there must have been a lot of wine.)

The menu included the unfortunately named Brain Balls, and Victorian standards like Lobster a L’Americain, Rissoles, and Mandarin Cake.

Be sure to look for his culinary adventure on PBS, check you local listings, but you can see a clip here.

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