Foodista: 100 Great Recipes, Photographs, and Voices

Foodista: Best of Food Blogs Cookbook, edited by Sheri L. Wetherell, Barnaby Dorfman, and Colin M. Saunders, Andrews McMeel 2010, $19.99 paper, 204 pages

It’s a truism that cooking is serendipitous and ephemeral. The dish you create out of pantry bits and bobs is unlikely to be recreated, and once eaten, it’s gone. Unless you have a digital camera and a blog—and who doesn’t these days?

All our brilliant stirrings and slicings can live on and blogs seem the perfect medium for one-off culinary discoveries or obsessive projects. Each of these recipes hardly warrant a cookbook, or even an article, but taken together they are a quirky and cookable collection of sometimes truly unique flavors.

If Homemade Tagliatelle with Wild Boar Ragu or Jade Buddha Salmon Tartare don’t exactly fit your shopping list, certainly a Cider-Braised Pork Shoulder or a Wicked Good Chowdah will. If you feel like a challenge, how about facing down Riley’s Salmon Head Soup or setting aside a weekend to make a Fond de Blanc de Veau (Veal Stock). You know you’ve been meaning to make a good stock.

This wouldn’t be a real food blog cookbook without an outrageous recipe for bacon. I don’t have the metrics to prove it, but I would bet that bacon is the single most blogged-upon food ingredient in the blogosphere, soup dumplings notwithstanding.

Hillary Thrasher has created cleverly named Oatmiale Cookies inspired by the Saturday morning breakfasts her mother used to make—oatmeal with raisins and a side of bacon. I made these for my budding gourmet, college-age son— and they are a perfect recipe for a care package, and just outrageous enough to epater les roommates.

On a more accessible note, a work colleague asked for ideas for an on-the-farm potluck and Apple Pie Bars fit the bill perfectly. Sweet and sturdy, they are a nice mix of healthy apples and candy sweet butterscotch chips.

So if you are one the few cooks who isn’t blogging, get this book and participate via your kitchen rather than your computer.



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