Smithsonian Food Truck Muster

Yesterday’s lunchtime muster at the Museum of American History was definitely worth the Metro ride–especially for someone like me–who doesn’t tweet and works in the suburbs.

The gathering of six food trucks were part of the Museum’s weekend program on Food for Tomorrow. Curator Rayna Green, in between bites of a lobster roll, pointed out that the Museum is a bit of a food dessert. These new gourmet food trucks aren’t allowed to park on the mall and she can’t go sprinting across the city to chase after a cupcake. She was hoping the trucks would do plenty of business in this rare Saturday appearance, and plenty of hungry event goers were about to be released for lunch.

So before the lines got too long, I ponied up for…


duck fat fries with sea salt and truffle ketchup


caramelized tofu taco with napa slaw, lime cream, sesame seeds, cilantro, and sriracha


classic vanilla and chocolate cupcakes that made it home to be shared


Old school food trucks like these–


these things never change, just like the monuments they park near


are getting some overdue competition–


...with sweetgreen yogurt and takorean for all



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