King Arthur Flour Comes to Town

swag from the King Arthur roadshow

For bakers, the King Arthur roadshow is like the circus coming to town–coupons, door prizes, and expert tips and the opportunity to commune with fellow flour heads in a hotel ballroom.

Beneath the world’s ugliest chandeliers we learned how to make Perfect Pies and Tarts, beginning with a classic medium flake crust. Here are a few tips I picked up:

  • We really should be weighing our flour–about 4 ounces of KA all purpose flour equals a cup.
  • If you won’t weigh, then sprinkle the flour into your measuring cup and swipe it smooth.
  • Vermont wisdom: You can use a dough scraper to clean ice off your windshield and may flies off your headlights.
  • Butter has milk solids that brown and add color and flavor to your crust.
  • Mix up the apples in your pie–some tart, some sweet, some firm, some mushy.

No excuses this year for store bought crust–making it yourself it easy and so much better!

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5 Responses to King Arthur Flour Comes to Town

  1. Thanks for posting about the demos! Glad you enjoyed them. I’ve used my dough scraper on my windshield several times already this year…

    Happy Baking!

  2. Lori D. says:

    I know that “no excuses for store-bought pie crust” was directed at me! 😉 I never could get the hang of it…

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