Cookie Swap

As the poster says, "Actual cookies are more delicious than they appear," and in most cases, larger.This is one holiday tradition I do like. We’ve been doing a swap at my office for a few years now, and every year it gets better. More bakers participate and more delicious cookies are shared.

There’s lots of fussing up and down the halls with big plastic trays, lots of admiring compliments about how nice everyone’s cookies look, and lots of afternoon munching.

Every year I do a poster, which appears right after Thanksgiving, and I plan out my baking carefully. As the founder of our cookie swap, I feel I should “represent.” One year I made figs, soaked in port, dipped in chocolate, and brushed with edible gold. The next I made salted caramel buttercream macarons, brushed with more gold powder left over from the year before.

Every year I make Ina Garten’s Fruitcake Cookies and I try to find an Italian almond-based cookie for the gluten-intolerant among us. This year I’ll also make chocolate crinkle cookies and bay sugar sables, based on Dorie Greenspan’s excellent sable recipe.

Happy baking!

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