Everyone’s Favorite Holiday Tradition

You guessed it, fruitcake! Favorite to make fun of, not necessarily to eat. But my fruitcake maligning days are over. I started the Pecan Fruitcake from Marie Rudisill‘s book at Halloween and unveiled it (literally) at last Sunday’s CHoW meeting.

It started out like this...

I had tended it all fall, and when I unfolded it from the cheesecloth, the cake was solid and perfumed. And it was well-recieved at the meeting.

just a few pieces left, perfect for breakfast with a hot cup of coffee

But more than one experienced baker told me that 3 months was nothing–I should start one now and it will be ready for next Christmas. Well, there is plenty of fruit and whisky around the house, but will I really remember to soak this in July?! Hmm…maybe after cookie swap…


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