Christmas in New York City

Christmas is when we get to be kids–huddling over marshmallows melting in a cup of cocoa, oohing and aahing at light displays, and being a bit profligate with our spending money.

So what better place to be a kid than at Economy Candy?

Since 1937, this Lower East Side store has been satisfying the city’s sweet tooth. These days a retro-cool crowd combs the floor to ceiling shelves for nostlagia and the appeal of sheer bulk. Vogue has written up Economy Candy, and the store’s neighbors are gentrifying into artisans, designers, and boutiquers. Around the corner, you’ll find DessertTruck Works cafe, at the very cutting edge of cool–high end desserts like macarons and goat cheese cheesecake, served up scruffy. That’s all proof of chic–for bulk, the girl behind me was buying a bag of pineapple gummy bears that was bigger than her head.

But back to candy. I inched through the jammed store, and what finally made me reach out was Razzles.

an execrable candy--plastic and weird--that shatters and re-forms, with the addition of spit and vigorous chewing, in mediocre gum; but I loved them!

I couldn’t resist a Cadbury Flake; it made me remember student days in London, where vanilla ice cream cones were gilded with a chocolate Flake bar.

One nice thing about being a grown-up. You can buy whatever candy you want!

And finally, because I’m a sucker for a pretty label, these things.

who knows how they'll taste!?

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