I Love Bacon

I Love Bacon by Jayne Rockmill, Andrews McMeel 2010, $19.99 hardback, 136 pages

I think I am officially over bacon. Im still going to use itto sauté Brussels sprouts, to start a chowder, even to spark up oatmeal cookiesIm just not going to obsess about it.

But the bacon bandwagon rolls and in this collection of bacon-inspired recipes from American chefs, I may find a few things that tempt me to jump back on. There are recipes from appetizers to, yes, desserts, and from simple traditional like Tartiflette and Boston Baked Beans to trendy conversation starters like Cane Sugar and Bacon Iced Cupcakes.

The book begins with a chapter on how to cure your own baconclassic, spicy, soy ginger, and Chinese style. And since we expect to see bacon at breakfast, theres a brunch chapter with recipes like Bakon Mary Cocktail and Mediterranean BLTs. These are chefs recipes so be prepared for emulsions, truffle oil, confits, and flan, which make it all fun for those cooking and eating.

A have one quibblewith Casa Toscana Restaurants Spaghetti Carbonara. It shouldnt have garlic or cream and should have more parsley. But Little Nells Bucatini Amatriciana on the next page looks great, punching up the sweet onions and salty bacon with chili flakes and white wine.

Chef Ryan Handy calls it comfort food for a snowy day, which gets right to bacons appeal. And to make the recipes even tastier, this book about what weall love to eat will help those who dont have enough to eat, with all proceeds going to Food Bank for NYC and Share Our Strength.

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