Heavy Metal and Frying Pans

Mosh Potatoes, Recipes, Anecdotes, and Mayhem from the Heavyweights of Heavy Metal, Steve Seabury, Atria Paperback 2010, $15.00 paper, 250 pages

It’s now official—everyone gets a cookbook—even heavy metal musicians, a group known more for noise than nosh. I suppose even rock stars need to swallow something besides M&Ms with the brown ones removed. (I get that though, the brown ones are boring.)

Those of us weaned on R&B might be a bit leary about taking cooking direction from someone called Zakk Wylde, especially dishes like Krakatoa Surprise or Rick’s Prison Spread, which involves top ramen, cheetohs, and hot sauce, and is conveniently (and o doubt, elegantly) served directly from the trash bag it’s “cooked” in. For people who like this sort of thing, this is the sort of thing they will like.

By the way, I think we can hold Anthony Bourdain somewhat responsible for this, with a shout out to the Food Network shows that make eating a macho competition designed to shock.

On the other hand, a Jibarito Sandwich, Seared Tuna with Wasabi Butter Sauce, or Banana Pound Cake are nothing to sneer at. And despite the sometimes odd provenance of these recipes—Vancouver Lasagna came to Burton Bell of Fear Factory in a dream—there is some real cooking here.  James Heatley’s idea to use jalapeno peanuts in his Vegetarian Tofu Pad Tai is a good one. Scott Iano’s Spicy Shrimp and Sweet Cherry Tomatoes could just as easily work in Bon Appetit magazine.

Nonetheless, I’m passing this one on to some lucky teenage headbanger who may be inspired to step away from the microwave.

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