Wynwood Food Truck Meet Up

South Beach is so over. Seriously, there’s a Pottery Barn on Lincoln Road and way too many places to buy “I heart Miami” T-shirts.

So for a little street cred, cross back over Julia Tuttle Causeway to the mainland’s Wynwood neighborhood–Miami’s own hipster heaven, and last night, the site of an excellent food truck meet up.

To have a successful food truck business, you’ve got to be able to tweet, have some good recipes, and a love of puns–Ms. Cheezious gourmet grilled cheese, Doggie Style, Miso Hungry, Nacho Bizness, Wing Commander; I could go on.

I love a pun, and a greasy burger

So while we were decding what to eat, we started with a Fish Box Camaronera Sandwich–stuffed with fat fried shrimp.

a little bit lurid, a lot delicious

We dove into a meaty, porky Latin Burger, and a Cripsy Herb Duck Sandwich and Ginger Brussels Sprouts, with an icy Coke out of a tall glass bottle from Dim SSam a Go Go.

restaurant-worthy and picnic table-ready

Moved on to a  couple of Ensenada Fish Tacos from Jefe’s,

Something to munch on while waiting for the grilled blue cheese and bacon

a deadly grilled blue Cheese and Bacon Sandwich from Mz. Cheesious, four cupcakes–chocolate, montecado, lemonberry, and red velvet–from Sugarrush, and finished with Strawberry Gelato and Balsamic Vinegar glaze.

Yes, we were among the oldest people there, and no we didn’t accessorize with a small dog or child, and we even left before the dj set up, but we took pictures and got them online, so maybe we’re not total dinosaurs.

I see a calendar--"Food Truck Girls"

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  1. Lori D. says:

    Look out, Calvin Trillin!

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