Super Bowl; It’s the Law

Lest I lose my American citizenship, I have to show some kind of interest in the Super Bowl. Since I can easily watch the ads on youtube, I chose to cook.

In the past I’ve contributed manly menu items like chili or cassoulet (yes, French but redeemed by excessive use of sausage). This year I made spare ribs marinated in whatever spicy, sweet, tangy stuff I could find in the cabinet–some mixture of pineapple vinegar, soy sauce, honey, and green tabasco.

I also used it as an excuse to experiment for next week’s CHoW meeting–Inventing the American Restaurant. I considered Durgin Park’s Indian Pudding (too weird and don’t want to schlep vanilla ice cream) and Parker House Rolls (obvious and it was a hotel), and settled on Horn and Hardart.

It will either be the Macaroni and Cheese…

Yes, that's a salad in the background, but it's full of anchovies and parmesan

or the Hermits

chewy and spicy

After the halftime show, I’m outta here.

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2 Responses to Super Bowl; It’s the Law

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  2. Frank de Paola says:

    Did you remember that your paternal grandfather worked for Horn and Hardart for more than thirty years and brought home day-old cakes , pies and cookies every Friday night without fail. Those were the days !

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