Kraze Burger in Bethesda (The K is for Korean)

The first Kraze Burger in America has landed in Bethesda and we went to try out the American style burgers as interpreted by a Korean fast food chain. Yes, there’s tofu, but no sign of kimchi.

at the corner of hungry and money

In Korea (the latest branch is in Incheon, by the way), the menu is described as “Fabulous American Food. A Nutrionally Balanced Diet.” As part of the healthy burger kraze, there are chicken, tofu, and veggy burgers on the menu and burgers served “nude,” sans bun.

But like any good fabulous American food place, beef is front and center.

here's the beef

There’s a tofu burger, but there’s also a serious commitment to beef; cooked juicy but not scary pink and lushly layered on buns that don’t disintegrate into slime. The most Korean aspect of the burgers is the willingness to play with the toppings. The French burger comes with sauteed leeks, mushrooms, and brie and somehow manages not to be fey. The Matiz comes with grilled onions, beautifully caramelized, and Kraze BBQ sauce. There are plenty more options, also with singularly unrevealing names–the Maximum (has to do with sauce, not number of patties), the KB++ (a favorite of programmers?), the KS Burger, the KG Burger (who knows), and the disturbing Hawaiian Burger (grilled pineapple, Kraze Cream Cheese sauce, white cheddar, mayo). Even typing that, I find it hard to breathe.

But I love a place with a little style–thank you for not choosing that particular shade of orange that says “eat quick and get out.” Or supersizeme yellow.

grilled and graphic

And the fries rock. They are cut with little channels perfect for scooping up unhealthy amounts of chili and melting cheese.

patent these

Oh, not that I believe in cholesterol, but I had it checked this week. Just fine.

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