Cookbook Digest, March-April 2012, Southern Style

I love Southern food. No, it’s not all fried and the vegetables are not all cooked to death with a hunk of pork. The dishes are homey, treasured, and deeply local–specialties from Grandma, fresh vegetables from the kitchen garden, or sourced from local fishermen and hunters. Every state, hell, every family has its speciality, fiercely defended as the best.

Plus, for a Yankee who grew up in an Italian-American family (who will fiercely defend her own foodways, thank you very much), the foods of the American South have a touch of the exotic. (What exactly is a grit?)

I loved reviewing these books and I will love to continue to cook from them. In the New Southern Garden Cookbook, Sheri Castle hits that kitchen garden with taste and imagination. Virgnia Willis applies a bit of Cordon Bleu to homestyle favorites in Basic to Brilliant, Ya’ll, but my favorite was Sara Foster’s Southern Kitchen, half cookbook half, half road trip, and all delicious.

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