Adventures in American Obesity

It was our patriotic duty to attend Hot Dog Fest in Hollywood, Florida this week of July 4th. And regardless of the date, when a flotilla of food trucks pull up, I’m the little tug boat directing them in.

Norman Rockwell in the tropics

America has a long tradition of 4th of July foods–from New England’s relatively austere traditional meal of salmon and fresh peas to the bombastic Coney Island hot dog eating contest. A friend just reminded me of birthday pies we’d make for her son’s July 6th birthday–blueberry and strawberry crusted with cut-out pastry stars and topped with snowy whipped cream.

So we were just being good Americans when we chowed down on Asquerosita Argentine style hot dog topped with potato stick and relish, and criss-crossed with squirts of mayo and ketchup. Then on to a gourmet dog of pork and cherries with a red pepper relish and flakes of bacon.

gourmet dog from Porkalicious. To run a food truck you have to be able to cook and have a head for puns.

The  change up came with a mini frita–a cuban hambruger made with a mix of ground beef and pork sausage, topped with potato sticks, cheese, and wait for it–a fried egg.

when it doubt, top it with a fried egg

I’m a lightweight, and a retreated under the shade of a poinciana to cool off with a grapefruit ice cream pop. Cupcakes for later from Clarabelle’s were actually worth paying for–pink lemonade (complete with little straw) and Cookies and Cream, bottomed and topped by an Oreo.

God Bless America!

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