Montgomery Prize Ham

Montgomery Prize Ham print

I love words, I love letters, and I love the stories and images they bring to mind. When a colleague showed me this recipe, unearthed in her historical research, I was charmed. I started playing around on the computer to give it a typeset look and then it occurred to me to actually set it in type.

The Pyramid Atlantic paper arts studio is down the street from my office, and after a couple of classes, and quite a few working happy hours, I managed to set the type and print. The body is in 12 point Bembo Roman and I nearly went blind fitting in each letter and its spacers. But what a feeling of accomplishment to do it the “real” way. Just as the the pig needs its time to become a ham, my letters needed time to become a print.

I chose my material carefully, and tell myself the dropped and jumping letters (most likely from worn bits of lead type) are part of the charm.

I now know that I can go back to the computer, design a plate, and print from that so my eyes can recover and I can develop a whole series of historic recipes. Hopefully, they won’t take me a year!

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