Happy (Greek) Easter

Most people celebrated Easter about a month ago, but the Greek Orthodox Church follows its own calendar, and Easter takes place on the Sunday after the first full moon after Passover, which was the last supper. Makes sense, since you can’t have a resurrection before the last supper. Some years the dates coincide, some years they don’t.

For Roman Easter this year, we were in Prague, Budapest, and Vienna where the each city  turned over a city square to an Easter market–decorated eggs, local handicrafts, and excellent food. In Prague–treldnik, a sugar-crusted pastry cooked over coals. In Budapest–rooster testicle stew and chicken paprikash. In Vienna, smoky speck sandwiches. And in all the cities–warm sweetened wine, perfect to fend off an unusually cold spring–Wiess Oster as the Austrian news reader pointed out.

Check out the pictures in this glossi.

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