The Fashionable Cocktail


The Fashionable Cocktail by Jane Rocca, Hardie Grant 2013, hardcover $19.95, 176 pages

Cocktails and high heels seem like a potentially dangerous combination, but one that is also undeniably intoxicating. In recent years, with the resurgence of cocktail culture, a signature drink or knowing how to handle oneself at a bar, is part of the image. 

And like fashion, cocktails are full of signifying details that are fun to learn and wield. From sling to snifter, from muddling to mojito, offering the right drink at the right time can be an endearing characteristic. 

In this book, Rocca, a fashion and music journalist, walks you through what you need to know, from glass types to an index broken down by liquor. Now is your chance to get rid of that dusty bottle of Campari at the back of the closet.

The drinks themselves are grouped by style—from jam jar casual to champagne flute elegant. They are pitched to “The Vintage Girl,” “The Luxe Label Girl,” the hipster,  the bohemian, though I’m hard pressed to follow the logic of what drink goes where. I made a Smashed Turkey for Thanksgiving, pulled from The Sartorialist  chapter—a seasonal mix, I thought, of Grand Marnier, Rye Whisky, and citrus—just the thing to prime the appetite for stuffing, gravy, and turkey. 

Use your imagination, Rocca provides no headnotes, but with some cogitation, the ingredients may pop in your mind’s palate. And like all things girl, beware of overly cute. Peanut Butter and Jelly Time is not the proper drink to end a rough week. By the same token, even when sweet, some of these drinks seem lethal, layering on alcohol hidden by sweet juices and garnishes.

Remember, with fashion and cocktails, elegance is refusal. Drink and dress wisely.

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