Cooking With Greek Yogurt

Cooking with Greek Yogurt by Cassie Johnston, The Countryman Press 2014, $15.95 paper, 173 pages

Cooking with Greek Yogurt by Cassie Johnston, The Countryman Press 2014, $15.95 paper, 173 pages

Don’t cry over spilt milk, by this time tomorrow it will be free yogurt

—Stephen Colbert

Have you stumbled yet on your resolution road? Don’t sweat it, you know that moment will come—snowbound and pot roasting in January, handfuls of message hearts in February, too much beer and soda bread in March.

In the spirit of support and cooperation, we have Cooking with Greek Yogurt, a way to extend those good intentions a bit farther. We all know that yogurt is good for us—full of calcium, a fair amount of protein, and if you buy the right stuff, zinging with probiotics.

Thick, Greek-style yogurt, not as sour as it used to be, is also a great substitute for sour cream, mayo, and even cream cheese. So Johnston uses it in all guises—to blend a Potato Salad with Sun Dried Tomatoes and Bacon, to top a Black Bean Chili, to smooth a Cucumber Soup, and to sauce Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict.

Obviously these are recipes that are lightened but hardly diet food. Just don’t tell anyone what you’re doing in the kitchen and they’ll think these dessert, dips, and breakfasts are delicious.

And speaking of resolutions, some of these recipes can stand up to Super Bowl appetites and expectations. A menu of Eight-Layer Fiesta Dip, Green Chicken Enchiladas, and Dark Chocolate Yogurt Cake sounds like a winner!





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  1. gw says:

    We received this cook book as a gift and it is great. Very creative ways to use GY and the results are amazing.

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