Cookbook Digest Summer 2014–Lunchbox Gourmet

Let’s not make the end of summer too painful. In fact, let’s try to get excited about it. And let’s start with lunch. A little bit of care, a little bit of spice can be a welcome message from home. Whether you’re packing for the kids or for your now midday break, these books offer big return for a little effort.

Kids will be charmed by Weelicious Lunches, though they still might be trading for ring dings. Even bigger kids will appreciate the flavors in Beating the Lunchbox Blues–leftovers never looked so good. And when you have time to stretch out with Gale Gand’s Lunch! The exclamation point comes from salted caramel brownies, cobb salad, and ratatouille tart.

cookbook digest lunchbox gourmet



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