Vintro Kitchen


vintro kitchen miami beach

vintro kitchen miami beach

Our eyes must have their share.

–Italian proverb

It’s a pleasure and an education to watch a new restaurant come to life. From a dirt floor to the final tweak of table settings, the restaurant is shaped by passion, preference, and real world limitations of space and budget.

Vintro Kitchen is the collaboration of an award winning restaurateur and an owner with an innate sense of generosity. It is part of Vintro Hotel, a renovation of an Art Deco classic. But the restaurant is in newly constructed space and it’s concept developed slowly and thoughtfully through site visits, tastings, and ideas and images bounced and balanced.

construction view

the original outside wall of the Art Deco hotel became the inside wall of the new Vintro Kitchen

How to be Mediterranean but transcend cliche? How to plate the food? How to work in the charcuterie that the owner loves? What should it feel like when you’re greeted, when you sit down? Who do you go with and how long do you stay? How can the space be a party a night and a calm oasis in the morning?

a double hight space is luxury that needs to be made to look like a dream

it takes work to make a double height space look like a dream

And as much as you think it just happens–it doesn’t. Construction takes time and has to proceed apace. Menus are written and rewritten, furniture is chosen, delivered, arranged, and rearranged. I watched the concept chef sit in the corner of the room, running his eyes over every detail, watching the light, the way people moved in the space–servers and diners.

How rustic are we, how sophisticated are we, how to hit the right balance

How rustic are we, how sophisticated are we, how to hit the right balance

And then there was tasting–not only to try out the dishes, but to run the kitchen and kitchen staff through their paces. Spoons ended up down the drain, ingredients came and went, loaves of bread from bakers all over the city were sliced.

pickled aji peppers and a slab of beef--an excellent way to test the broiler

pickled aji peppers and a slab of beef–an excellent way to test the broiler

At Vintro Kitchen, making the function of the restaurant visible becomes part of the experience. The lavish spread on the cold table piques the appetite and sparks the party.

there will be charcuterie

there will be salami

And in the end, it comes together. You sit, sip, sigh and enjoy.

A vision made real

A vision made real

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