Cookbook Digest–Comfort Food

Are you seeing shoots of green? Perhaps an optimistic crocus? Are you thinking about exposing your ankles to daylight?

Spring is coming and you may be inspired to cook new flavors. While comfort food brings to mind hearty stews and bubbling crocks, Jamie Oliver knows that comfort food works all year round and all around the world. In this encyclopedia of dishes you’ll want to cook, eat, and share, he offers everything from a simple bacon sandwich to a bright Indonesian gado gado.

Or perhaps the thought of warm weather has inspired you to shed a few couch-potato induced pounds. In that case, eschew the cheetos  and commit to real food.

Excerpts and recipes from these books and many more are available in Cookbook Digest, where this review first appeared.

from Cookbook Digest, Winter 2015

from Cookbook Digest, Winter 2015

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