Cookbook Digest, Couples in the Kitchen

My best wedding present has to be the cuisinart food processor that still grinds away on my kitchen counter. I’ve replaced the lid, but I swear that engine could pull an airstream trailer. Then there were the presents that end up on a high closet shelf–the silver footed urn-shaped ice bucket, the silver pitcher–also on little silver feet. As if I were going to be a princess.

Far from it. There was laundry and cleaning and vacuuming. But there were also parties and dinners with friends and family. The Newlywed Cookbook might smooth some of those initial bumps, at least the ones in the kitchen. And if a couple can work together in the kitchen, they can work anywhere. And if they can feed and entertain, they are paragons of society.

You can get a peak at this and other timely cookbooks in Cookbook Digest.

from Cookbook Digest, Winter 2015

from Cookbook Digest, Winter 2015

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