Chocolate Chip Sweets

Chocolate Chip Sweets by Tracey Zabar, Rizzoli 2015, $29.95 hardback, 175 pages

Chocolate Chip Sweets by Tracey Zabar, Rizzoli 2015, $29.95 hardback, 175 pages

“Cookies are made of butter and love.”

–Norwegian Proverb

And who doesn’t love a cookie, and even better, a cookie with chocolate chips.

In this book, Tracey Zabar offers plenty of options. Start, like she does, with Jacques Torres’ Chocolate Chip Cookies, which are ideal–chewy centers, crispy edges, with perfectly placed chunks of chocolate.

Or, maybe the other ideal–Chef Frederick Aquino’s Chocolate Chip Cookies–which are cakey and chewy, and sparked with a sprinkle of sea salt. Or work your way through all the other perfect versions of chocolate chip cookies–malted, orange-raisin, cinnamon dandies, ginger-pecan, shortbread, or biscotti. If nothing else, you’ll get a baking education in the effects of flours, fats, and leaveners on cookie taste and texture.

But those are just what Zabar, who has married into the Zabar deli clan, calls “Everyday Cookies.” She’s called on her chef and patissier friends for all their best recipes. There are Party Cookies like Congo Bars and Jan Hagels. You can move on to Plain Cakes like a Walnut Coffee Cake or a Chocolate Chip Buttermilk Cake. And for special occasions turn to Fancy Cakes like a Mocha Roulade or charming little Vanilla Chip Cupcakes.

With Zabar’s recipes you can drink your chips melted into honey-sweetened Betony Hot Chocolate or spoon them up in Chocolate Pot-de-Creme with Salted Peanut Crumble. Roll them into Rugelach or slice a piece of Chocolate Chip Cherry Cookie Tart. Or step away from chocolate chips for one sweet moment to make Chef Thomas Keller’s Per Se Butter Caramel. I have other caramel sauce recipes, but this one is as smooth and sophisticated as cashmere. You’ll want to add it to your dessert battery.

Everyone, kids and adults, loves chocolate chips–why not experiment and enjoy.

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