CHoWline–The Carrot Purple

We tend to think that bananas are big yellow things that peel easily and are eaten raw and sweet. Or that celery is thick green stalks with a mild flavor. Or, for that matter, that carrots are orange. But travel and rooting around in farm markets may have widened your produce perspective.

For an even wider perspective, in The Carrot Purple, author Joel Denker calls on botanical and cultural history to show that, in fact, bananas can be red and small, and sometimes part of a savory dish. That celery was an ancient aromatic and the flavor source for Dr. Brown’s Cel-ray soda, and that carrots can be purple.

This review appeared in CHoWline, the monthly newsletter of the Culinary Historians of Washington, D.C. a great organization to inspire your thoughts and approach to food. Consider joining us!


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