Some Things Never Change

this is the year you'll make it!

this is the year you’ll make it!

And thank goodness for that!

As you know it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving at our house without fragrant, warm bowls of Indian Pudding, with a lump of vanilla ice cream sledding down the side.

Molasses–check, milk–check, cornmeal–check. We’re ready and loyal to the Durgin Park recipe. Cranberry sauce with orange, lime, and jalapeño is in the fridge. A stalk of brussels sprouts is monopolizing a lower shelf, and tomorrow we’ll go buy the London Broil.

Yes, London Broil. No turkey this year, because the meat cook says so and I’m pleased to sign on because I still get to make and eat all the sides I can fit on the table. Sweet potatoes, corn pudding, Parker House Rolls, shaved Brussels sprouts with French radishes and apples. And a new side this year–dressing inspired by a Southern Maryland recipe–Stuffed Ham.

As a Yankee, I am never quite sure about ham–cured, smoked, salted, corned, brined–so I stay on the outskirts. I had stuffed ham once, down in Charlotte Hall, Maryland, and it was a perfect combination of briny pink ham, and bitter dark and spicy greens. I’m turning the dish inside out–lots of chopped kale and celery, the right amount of cayenne, some sautéed bits of ham and corn bread to make a dressing.

Something old, something new, everything delicious.



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