Cleaning Out the Basement–Horn & Hardart

I can’t believe I’ve never posted these.

Horn & Hardart was woven into my childhood. I’m old enough to remember the absolute joy of eating at the Automat. Pushing nickels through the slot and opening the little glass door to macaroni and cheese, lemon meringue pie or beef stew and balancing it carefully back to the table.

My grandfather worked as an accountant for Horn & Hardart and I have all his service pins–The pewter colored 5-year pin through the gold 35-year pin with a diamond chip set in the etched cornucopia. It was a job that put three kids through college, bought a house, and paid for vacations. Even after he died when I was young, my grandmother remained loyal and would come to visit with a bag of whole wheat rolls and, our favorite, a coconut custard pie.

When my Dad gave me these stock certificates, he was careful to tell me that they have not value, but I think they’re priceless!

People, places, and pies that have all moved on.


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