An exhibition, not a contest, so…no wagering

Almond Melts, Fruitcake Cookies, Bay Sugar Sables, Ricciarelli, and Jalapeno Cranberry Thumbprints

I know some people treat cookie swaps as contests, but ours is more an excuse to get together, drink champagne, and laugh.

Everyone lays out their contributions on the table–I find it easier to enter a party with a task, then the conversation naturally starts on that and segues into whatever–and as guests arrive the abundance grows. When we describe our contributions a few abashed participants will winking-ly admit that perhaps their contribution was not made with loving hands, but who cares–all that abundance is cheer enough!

the recipe claims these rock-hard cookies will be soft by Christmas. If not, they smell great–I’ll put them in my lingerie drawer!

We don’t go all Martha Stewart, though in some future world with robot friends, that might work. In the meantime, I have a rather pleasant to-do list with things like hang the giant paper star, decant the ratafia, buy champagne, and bake!

and these ratafias will be ready to decant and drink–cranberry-bay and pear cardamom


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