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An exhibition, not a contest, so…no wagering

I know some people treat cookie swaps as contests, but ours is more an excuse to get together, drink champagne, and laugh. Everyone lays out their contributions on the table–I find it easier to enter a party with a task, … Continue reading

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It’s Indian Pudding Season, Motherf***ers

McSweeneys and Colin Nissan, please don’t sue me. Ok, there’s no need to get aggressive, but I continue to believe that this dessert has not gotten its due. And while we mark Thanksgiving with a huge basin of this mess, … Continue reading

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Tea Time Redux

No, knock wood, I am not close to my last meal, but I am enjoying tea (among other things) in London this week. So pleased to be deliciously crumb-covered! I’ve just decided. I want my last meal to be tea. … Continue reading

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Cookbook Digest–Sweet Stuff

It’s county fair time, an opportunity for the nicest competition there is, the baking contest. Up your game with these books, reviewed for Cookbook Digest. Bake with Anna Olsen will give you some pro tips to ensure your genoise is … Continue reading

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Patisserie at Home

The fine arts are five in number, namely: painting, sculpture, poetry, music, and architecture, the principal branch of the latter being pastry. –Antonin Careme I used to repeat this quote to wind up my architect husband, but now I totally get it. In … Continue reading

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CHoWline–Cake, A Slice of History

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but Alysa Levene proves a cake is never just a cake. In each slice she finds issues of economics, technology, cultural symbolism, and gender roles–really gives you something to chew on! If you’re … Continue reading

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Magic Cakes

…and when dessert time came he himself brought to the table a wedding cake that drew exclamations from all. Its base was a square of blue cardboard representing a temple with porticoes and colonnades and adorned on all sides with … Continue reading

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