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It’s Indian Pudding Season, Motherf***ers

McSweeneys and Colin Nissan, please don’t sue me. Ok, there’s no need to get aggressive, but I continue to believe that this dessert has not gotten its due. And while we mark Thanksgiving with a huge basin of this mess, … Continue reading

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Some Things Never Change

And thank goodness for that! As you know it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving at our house without fragrant, warm bowls of Indian Pudding, with a lump of vanilla ice cream sledding down the side. Molasses–check, milk–check, cornmeal–check. We’re ready and loyal to … Continue reading


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It’s that Indian Pudding Time of Year

For us, at least. And though we’ve made Indian Pudding a Thanksgiving tradition for years, this is the first year we’ll cook the whole dinner. I’ll be figuring out the entire menu, which is a lot of pressure. I like … Continue reading

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Indian Pudding Rules!

It’s Thanksgiving and Indian Pudding continues its march (humor me) toward dessert hegemony–one sweet to rule them all! This year, it made the New York Times review of Thanksgiving dishes that “evoke” the 50 states. Though to my mind, the Times mistakenly … Continue reading

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That Thing That Nobody Likes

As an Italian-American, certain foods were off limits; as my grandmother would say “They don’t make that in the home town.” Ham was one, bread pudding was another. While ham had the whiff of illicit (are we Jewish, somewhere way … Continue reading

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You’ve Got Your Traditions and I’ve Got Mine

When first semester finals start at the University of Virginia, the 24-hour non-stop screenings of “It’s a Wonderful Life” begin–balm to test-weary students. The grandmother of a former roommate used to make all the kids coffee cans of Chex mix … Continue reading

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Super Bowl; It’s the Law

Lest I lose my American citizenship, I have to show some kind of interest in the Super Bowl. Since I can easily watch the ads on youtube, I chose to cook. In the past I’ve contributed manly menu items like … Continue reading

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