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Salt, Smoke, Time

When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece –John Ruskin Maybe you’ve kept your sourdough starter alive for a year or two, or you’ve got some kombucha bubbling in the corner of the fridge. Feeling pretty brave about those … Continue reading


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Cookbook Digest–Comfort Food

Are you seeing shoots of green? Perhaps an optimistic crocus? Are you thinking about exposing your ankles to daylight? Spring is coming and you may be inspired to cook new flavors. While comfort food brings to mind hearty stews and … Continue reading

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Cookbook Digest, Fall 2013

There’s more to Vermont than maple syrup, as Tracey Madeiros shows in the Vermont Farm Table Cookbook. And for those who are ready to travel, follow Jane Coxwell around the world on a yacht and pick up flavors along the … Continue reading

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Shaken Not Stirred, A Celebration of the Martini

If any drink deserves celebration, it’s the martini. Its crystalline simplicity has made the cocktail a cultural icon, shorthand for urbane fun and sophistication. And if you drink enough of them, you can do anything—even let Kris Kringle stay at … Continue reading

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