DC’s Little Brooklyn

D.C.’s newest hipster hangout is H Street, NE, also known as the Atlas District.

guess why they call it the Atlas District

Being the intrepid urbanists and eaters that we are, we decided to stroll. The area is getting district status because a trolley line from Benning Road to Union Station is under construction and intrepid redevelopers are seeing opportunity. Evolve home furnishings is under construction, and plenty of restaurants are opening soon.

coming soon

Already creating atmosphere are Smith Commons craft brewhouse, H Street Country Club (dinner, cocktails, and indoor miniature golf), Palace of Wonders (dancing girls, side shows, and ironically named beers), and Dangerously Delicious Pies, where we stopped in for a slice of cherry pie. It was good, but not dangerous. As a home cook, I encourage all of you to master pie crust. It’s just not that difficult.

good, but not dangerous

in fact, kind of cute

The street is still a mix of old and new, which lends it a kind of edgy flavor, tinged with nostalgia.

ain't too proud to beg, sweet darling...

you used to be able to buy uneeda biscuits at the supermarket

We ended up at the Queen Vic, thinking about a cold beer. It is everything a bar should be, a friendly and dark respite from the hot street, with tvs tuned to sports, British rock on the soundtrack, and friendly waitstaff that is just inattentive enough to make you chill out.

lager and lime

So we slowed down and enjoyed a Ploughman’s Lunch, Pimm’s Cup, oysters and butter chicken, then moseyed home to relax a bit more.

The Ploughman's Lunch sounds like something out of Thomas Hardy novel, but it was invented by the Milk Board in the 1960s to encourage more cheese consumption. Who cares, still good

an afternoon well wasted

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