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Springtime Food Traditions at the Sandy Spring Museum

  A fun time last night at the Sandy Spring Museum, talking about springtime food traditions. A close look  at the seasonal cycles, the foods we eat, and the holidays we celebrate, reveals ancient fears of famine and death. From Demeter and … Continue reading

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Patisserie at Home

The fine arts are five in number, namely: painting, sculpture, poetry, music, and architecture, the principal branch of the latter being pastry. –Antonin Careme I used to repeat this quote to wind up my architect husband, but now I totally get it. In … Continue reading

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CHoWline–Cake, A Slice of History

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but Alysa Levene proves a cake is never just a cake. In each slice she finds issues of economics, technology, cultural symbolism, and gender roles–really gives you something to chew on! If you’re … Continue reading

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Magic Cakes

…and when dessert time came he himself brought to the table a wedding cake that drew exclamations from all. Its base was a square of blue cardboard representing a temple with porticoes and colonnades and adorned on all sides with … Continue reading

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Cookies & Beer, Together at Last

Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside. –Mark Twain I doubt this is the book you’ve been waiting for, but I’ll bet there’s someone you … Continue reading

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It’s that Indian Pudding Time of Year

For us, at least. And though we’ve made Indian Pudding a Thanksgiving tradition for years, this is the first year we’ll cook the whole dinner. I’ll be figuring out the entire menu, which is a lot of pressure. I like … Continue reading

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Sarabeth’s Good Morning Cookbook

“See is there is any bacon, and if there is, ask the cook which pan to fry it in. Then ask if there are any eggs, and if so try and persuade the cook to poach two of them. It … Continue reading

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