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They eat the dainty food of famous chefs with the same pleasure with which they devour gross peasant dishes, mostly composed of garlic and tomatoes, or fisherman’s octopus and shrimps, fried in heavily scented olive oil on a little deserted beach. Luigi … Continue reading

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Food on Foot

This article appeared in CHoWline, the monthly newsletter of the Culinary Historians of Washington, D.C. Join us anytime! This book combines two of my favorites things–travel and food!  

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The Vermont non-GMO Cookbook

No Vermont town ever let anybody in it starve. Dorothy Canfield Fisher Everyone seems to have a food thing these days–vegan, gluten-free, paleo. And while it might be easy to dismiss GMO as another thing you don’t have time to … Continue reading

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Historical Notes on Montgomery County, Maryland Foodways

I’ve been working on a project that has given me the great privilege and pleasure of researching in the Library of Congress, and I’ve found some interesting food stories about the community where I live. Food is ephemeral–seasonal and meant … Continue reading

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The Microgreens Cookbook

Eat watercress and gain wit. Greek Proverb This old wisdom is even more true for microgreens–each little leaf grown lightly on the earth and packed with nutrition and flavor. Hearty eaters might dismiss microgreens as elite rabbit food. Even more … Continue reading

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I Heart Rome, Recipes and Stories from the Eternal City

If your mother cooks Italian food, why should you go to a restaurant? Martin Scorsese Well, maybe your mother’s not Roman, and in that case you’ll want this book for both its classic recipes like Saltimbocca and Tiramisu and for … Continue reading

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Whether you celebrate Christmas religiously or with retail, I hope you’ll also take a moment to relax with friends and family and perhaps enjoy some special food. I have to admit, I don’t make strufoli every year, but during this … Continue reading

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