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CHoWline–New Art of Cookery by Juan Altamiras

This review appeared in the October 2018 issue of CHoWline, the newsletter of the Culinary Historians of Washington, DC. Juan Altamiras was the pen name of the Spanish friar who published his recipes in 1745. But never mind that date, … Continue reading

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Bread & Beauty–Dining on the Farm

It’s a Maker’s Meal at Shepherd’s Hey Farm on October 13! Chef Ben Ritter of Watershed Cafe will be cooking recipes from the book using local produce from our friends at Plow & Stars Farm. We’ll be joined by Lady … Continue reading

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Game, the Chef’s Field to Table Cookbook

If I can’t be fishing or hunting, I want to be in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Jim Harrison Hunting can be a fraught topic. Some of my most favorite and least favorite people seem to do … Continue reading

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Eataly: All About Pasta, A Complete Guide with Recipes

Life is a combination of magic and pasta. Federico Fellini And there’s nothing magic about making pasta. Once you’ve learned a few techniques that work for your pots and your kitchen, you can make delicious pasta from almost anything. But … Continue reading

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T-Bone Whacks and Caviar Snacks

This book records the cooking and shopping experiences of two American educators in Soviet and post-Soviet Russia, and is an excellent mix of research, experience, and recipes. And yes, some of the tales of privation–wonky stoves, uneven markets–are true, but … Continue reading

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Distilling the South, A Guide to Southern Craft Liquors

Well, between Scotch and nothin’, I suppose I’d take Scotch. It’s the nearest thing to moonshine I can find.  William Faulkner The distillers in this book are making liquors that are far more sophisticated than moonshine, but like moonshine, are … Continue reading

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Savor the South–Pie

I do 45 minutes of cardio five days a week, because I like to eat. I also try for 45 minutes of muscular structure work, which is toning, realigning and lengthening. If I’m prepping for something or I’ve been eating … Continue reading

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