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Eight Flavors

In a clever combination of history and contemporary technology, Sarah Lohman has sussed out what really American flavors are. And you can blame it on the rosewater used to flavor cookies at the Ohio living history museum she worked at … Continue reading

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Ten Restaurants that Changed America

Americans love to eat French, from Delmonico’s Gilded Age excesses to Chez Panisse’s refined perfection. But don’t overlook Howard Johnson’s ice cream and fried clams, Mama Leone’s exuberant pasta, and Antoine’s classic Creole. So while French may be a default setting, Americans … Continue reading

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Princess Pamela’s Soul Food Cookbook

A good cook is like a sorceress who dispenses happiness. Elsa Schiaparelli And clearly Pamela Strobel could cast a spell. In their introduction to this reprint edition, Matt Lee and Ted Lee, self-taught scholars of Southern foodways, describe the character of Strobel’s … Continue reading

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What is patriotism but the love of food we ate in childhood? –Lin Yu Tan Maybe I’ve used that quote too much, but it is what makes food interesting. Whether it’s Fritos and a Fresca or the dried beans called leather britches, flavors … Continue reading

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A Square Meal, A Culinary History of the Great Depression

Andrew Coe and Jane Ziegelman go beyond the platitudes about Depression-era dining to discover some uncomfortably close-to-home history. Looking forward to this Sunday’s CHoW meeting (December 11), where Libby O’Connell will be speaking on dining during America’s Gilded Age–its wasn’t … Continue reading

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Shop, Cook, Eat New York

I think you know that when an American stays away from New York too long something happens to him. Perhaps he becomes a little provincial, a little dead and afraid. Sherwood Anderson New York is a great Christmas city–maybe you’re … Continue reading

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Symmetry Breakfast

See if there is any bacon, and if there is, ask the cook which pan to fry it in. Then ask if there are any eggs and if so, try and persuade the cook to poach two of them. It … Continue reading

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