You Don’t Have to be Jewish to Love Matzo Brittle

Do you remember this ad campaign–choirboys, karate masters, and Indian chiefs all enjoying Levy’s rye bread?

It is one of my favorites. Simple but powerful, just like matzo brittle. Spring is here. My sneezing colleagues and snow on the daffodils proves it. Those radical little girl scouts selling cookies and figuring out how to make change for a twenty prove it. Also, almost without realizing it, we’ve shifted to spring foods. Last Friday we had shad, asparagus, and new potatoes for dinner. Today for breakfast, strawberries and homemade ricotta cheese.

And when the walls of matzo boxes appear in the supermarket, I remember this recipe for matzo brittle. It’s a breeze to make and it works. The toffee goo is generous and really sticks to the matzos. The chocolate chips melt and spread easily. It peels off the foil smoothly (of course, lubricated by two sticks of butter). And it tastes fantastic. This is a treat that always has people reaching for just one more piece or pinching up the last crumbs from the corner of the box.

incipient toffee goo

use whole wheat matzos--it's healthier

a most delightful molten hell

have a salty, sweet springtime!

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