It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It’s Cookie Swap!

As well as being “the beloved editor” (and who doesn’t love an editor?!) I am known at work as the founder of Cookie Swap. We’ve been at it for about six years and our shifting band of bakers grows a bit every year.

As one of them told me today, when dropping off his oatmeal raisin cookies, “One day I’ll a try something more interesting, but really, I do this just to do it.” I know exactly what he means. I don’t mind when rather than bake, people make a stop at a special bakery, it’s really about getting together and sharing the abundance.

Almond Melts, Fruitcake Cookies, Bay Sugar Sables, Ricciarelli, and Jalapeno Cranberry Thumbprints

We get to talk to people we don’t usually see and I hear how great the house smelled while they were baking, how their family kept sniffing around, how they squeezed in the baking between choir practice and walking the dog.

Gingerbread men and Snickerdoodles

Over the years, people have learned not to be late, and this year we filled the trays with sweet potato tarts, chocolate snickerdoodles, forget-about-them cookies, peanut-butter chocolate chip, and even sugarplums!

The haul

If you want a more formal occasion than ours, check out The Christmas Cookie Cookbook for swapping advice and inspiring recipes.

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